Nostalgia and nature by the lake

What makes the Grundlsee cruise so special? It is absolutely unique. The completely renovated nostalgic fleet of Schifffahrt Grundlsee is a piece of shipping history and will be a favourite on every boat trip. Welcome on board! Welcome to experienced deceleration. The hectic pace of everyday life is simply blown away by the west or east wind on the lake. Give up the helm – the captains steer for you, they know the way. There are no speedboats on the Grundlsee. You will feel that the power of discovery lies in slowness. You have time, we promise!

The 3-lake tour is as legendary as it is well-known and yet always appealing. It takes you to places that could not be explored on foot alone and thus offers a very special nature experience. The tour first takes you by boat across Grundlsee. From there you walk to the Toplitzsee. With wooden boats, the Plätten, the journey continues along waterfalls to the last stop: a short stretch of forest that leads to the remote Kammersee. After a stop close to the source of the Traun, the journey returns to the start.

Take 3 to 4 hours for moments in the elements that you will remember for a long time.

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