The moated castle

A look into the past

Castle Gabelhofen was first mentioned in 1443 – and the story goes that it was to be built as a moated castle on the banks of the Pöls. The moat, which you pass over a bridge, still bears witness to this idea today. However, the water seeped away so quickly that the moat never became a moat. Instead, it is a beautiful part of the garden for strolling or for unique celebrations.

A house with history

View the four proud outer towers, which were once intended to guarantee the security of the castle with their lookout points. Today, they house unique maisonette suites.

When you stand in the spacious, glass-roofed lobby with its imposing arcades, close your eyes for a moment: can you hear the clatter of horses’ hooves? Here, where today there are cosy seating areas and plants, the horses were once watered after hard rides or carriage rides.

Take some time during your stay. The architecture here has brilliantly managed to combine tradition and culture in a modern and extremely comfortable way. Our staff will also be happy to show you the various halls, which have a long history. The Gabelkhoven Hall, for example, was originally a courtroom in which the lords judged the misdeeds of their subjects. The Pfanngauer Saal, which exudes a very special cosiness, or the vaulted restaurant and the wine cellar deep underground – they all bear witness to a long cultural history.

A very harmonious counterpart to the historical part of the castle is the large modern glass extension. Contemporary culture is at home here. Exhibitions by a wide range of artists are shown here at regular intervals.